Time to make the right impression with your customers?

0800 and toll free calling

Every legitimate business needs a professional way for their customers to contact them.

When you start out it might be fine just to use your landline or mobile but when you want to show your customers you mean business you need a toll free number.

Take away the cost for your customers to call you

Demonstrate your credibility to your customers

Bring your existing 0800/0508 numbers with you

Pay-per-minute as part of your Hitech monthly bill

Configure your package to include or exclude international calling

Keep track of your calls throughout the month with reporting plus

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You choose:

When ordering new toll-free or freephone numbers, there are two options:

Random Toll-Free – 0800 123 6543

You can order a Random Toll-Free number that will be assigned to you.
(Usually 2-3 business days)

Vanity Toll-Free – 0800 Call Now

You can request a specific number. Before requesting, be sure to search the Internet to determine whether the desired number is available or not.
(Usually 5-7 business days)

Frequently Asked Questions:

How do I order?

To get started with a freephone number all you have to do is call us or fill in the contact form. .
If you are already with us we can easily add it in to your service.

What happens with my bill?

By bringing all of your communications under one roof you get one consolidated monthly bill. Simple.

What about spam calls?

Our free phone and toll free calling packages are customisable to suit your business. If you need to block certain numbers, we can do that. If you want to include or exclude international calling, we can do that. If your bill starts to shoot up in an unusual way, we will do our best to notify you and help you find out how to stop future spam calls.

Can I choose between 0800 and 0508?

Yes. In the past you were restricted by the provider you went with but now anyone can choose an 0800 or 0508 number.
It is a good idea to find something that your customers can remember easily so speak to us about our customised numbers or about bringing across a toll free number you already own.

Can I have an overseas number?

Are you doing business overseas or looking to expand outside of New Zealand? We can arrange for international local numbersfor your customers to call.

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