Teamwork should be easy, regardless of location

Introducing MiTeam Meetings

Real-time video conferencing for businesses across time zones and geographies

Meetings are more productive when employees can transition between chat, voice and video seamlessly on a single cloud application. For your workers to be successful, they need to continuously collaborate as a team, by leveraging a workspace as if they are in the same room, where they can meet, share ideas face to face, capture notes, store files and return when they next meet as a group.

Key Benefits


Manage multiple communication tools with all your inbound and outbound calling, chat and video conferencing in a single application eliminating unnecessary operational costs.


Seamlessly transition from calls to chat and video. Unify disconnected communication channels with a single application to simplify collaboration.


You can add up to 100 audio users and 16 video users per conference. Attendees can be both registered users and guests.


Get a communications experience that’s consistent across all your devices, from your desktop to mobile device. Stop a conversation on one device and pick it up on another. It’s that simple.


Increase the value and productivity of your employee’s meetings. Perpetual chat means you can return to conversations exactly where you left them, share files and seamlessly add participants to calls and message groups.


Say goodbye to 40 minute time limits. Improve collaboration and connection with your team, generate greater attention from your attendees and observe non-verbal facial expressions.

What can I do with MiTeam Meetings?

  • Schedule meetings in advance with calendar integrations
  • Start live video sessions in seconds from a chat or call
  • Get a complete view of everyone in the meeting with 16-person multi-pane viewing
  • Grant centerstage to presenters with active speaker windows.
  • Display and whiteboard ideas in real-time with screen sharing
  • Send important meeting documents through file sharing
  • Keep track of important discussions with persistent chat logs


Engage in immersive and interactive conversations no matter the time or place.

Make the most of every meeting

Ensure that every meeting is productive with real time chat logs, screen sharing and file transfer.

Talk, chat and video. All in one place.

Take part in a seamless collaboration experience with fluid transitions between voice, video and chat all contained within a single solution.


When is MiTeam Meetings officially available?

From April 2020 for anyone running MiCollab version 9.1. Speak to us to find out if that is you.

How many users can participate?

Up to 100 audio users and 16 video users per conference.

Can I schedule meetings via an outlook plugin?

This feature is expected to be included later in 2020.

How long can I be in a MiTeam Meetings call for?

You can video conference for up to 20 hours if you really wanted to. Say goodbye to 40 minute call caps.

What conference room equipment can be connected?

Equipment can be connected via USB or built in Webcam. Speak to us about hardware solutions.

Do I have to have MiCollab to deploy MiTeam Meetings?


Compatible products we can help you with.

MiCollab - Voice Calling

Collaborate Anywhere, On Any Device, With The Same Set Of Tools & A Consistent Look & Feel.

MiTeams - Collaboration

Mobile-First Application To Help Make Communications Faster & Easier When On The Move.

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